Working at A1A Homes doesn’t have to be just a job. It can also be a positive support network. It can be an investment in your future. It can be a productive outlet for your creative instincts. It can be the foundation for a life you love to live. Check our job listings and contact us to learn more and see what we’re all about at A1A Homes. 

Why work here? 

The people: You have to see the same people each day at work. We know how stressful that can be if you work on a disjointed team. Come be a part of a supportive and inspiring network of professionals. We at A1A believe collaborative teamwork is the only way to maintain the standard of success to which we hold ourselves. 

Designs: When you work at A1A, you don’t work alone. Instead, you integrate into a tight-knit network of creative teams, one in which clear communication, professionalism and commitment to producing results are valued above all else. By bringing together bright and results-driven minds belonging to people exhibiting all different kinds of strengths, we are able to yield innovative home designs that help our clients meet their needs and achieve their visual goals. 

Culture: Workplace culture can be a very important factor when looking for a place to work. 

At A1A, we believe in fostering a productive, intellectual and, above all else, supportive workplace culture. In this industry, teamwork is the name of the game. As an A1A team member, good work and innovative ideas are always recognized and rewarded. 

Benefits: What better place is there to invest in than in the team that makes our business succeed? As a part of the A1A team, you will be provided access to many beneficial services including (but not limited to) discounts and waivers for realtor fees, home loan approval fees and homeowner’s insurance, as well as sick days, maternity leave and competitive corporate rates for health insurance. Our employees are people, not workers, and we believe in treating them as such. 

Development: Something we do well is investing in the growth and development of our team members. We love to express our gratitude for all that you do. We believe a paycheck isn’t always enough to properly show that gratitude. Our paid and unique employee training programs provide all employees with the necessary skills and training needed to become successfully integrated into the A1A family. Each year, we take a team-building retreat to a fun and surprise location, the activity of which changes every year. We love to keep you on your toes! 

Fun: We know you have to come into work every day, so we try our best to make this a place you want to be, not a place you dread coming to. Each year, we create a fun calendar of spread-out, laid back social activities designed to boost team morale and foster a healthy balance between work life and out-of-work life. We believe that hard work is so very important, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of fun and relaxation. We believe in balance, and that overworking can have detrimental effects on the team’s overall performance. 

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With Innovative Designs and quality home finishing, the A1A builders group are here to help you build that dream designer home, develop and rebuild townhouses, house & land packages and other house inspirations and desires.

Are you ready to begin your journey with one of Australia's new upcoming home builders with and edge? Browse our range of modern and contemporary home designs that may suit your style of living!


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