Why is the maintenance of my block of land necessary?
If you do regular maintenance of your block, it means as soon as we have completed the paperwork stage we will be able to get to the construction phase much quicker. However, if you do not maintain your block, it could take few weeks for you to get rid of all the garbage, cut grass and get your borders known, all of which could delay the commencement of your construction.

How do I maintain my block of land?
If we will build on your block of land, you will need to clear any rubbish or vegetation before we begin. 

What is an arborist report?
This is a report that is usually related with town planning applications and it involves a valuation that is being completed by a tree specialist who is also called an aborist that sketches possible hazards. We can arrange an arborist report for you for an additional fee if it is a requirement of your permit, or you can arrange one yourself.

What are fibre optic cables?
Fibre optic cables offer the new communication setup in your home. It actually depends on your estate requirements which may or may not be required. 

Can I extend my garage?
Most times, the answer is yes but this is dependent upon a number of factors which include the block size, the building regulations and other things. You need to check with your sales consultant for more information.

What is a bulkhead?
This is a change of the ceiling heights. It’s a stylish piece in modern homes, most especially in the kitchen to define it as a separate area from the living and dining spaces. 

Can you build ‘smart’ homes?
You will always have the option of upgrading your home to be more energy efficient. These upgrades are available to you during your customization phase.

What are the merits of roof tiles?
Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, There are plenty of profile and material variations in tile roofing which are available in terracotta, different profiles (flat or curved) and have better acoustic performance.

What is a soil report?
A soil report is primarily based on a series of soil samples taken from your block of land. This enables our engineers to categorize your soil type and provide the appropriate footing system for your home.

Do you build on a block with a slope?
Our designs at A1A homes are not engineered to be built on a block that has a fall greater than 3m. We can undertake a valuation that will enable us to build on your block but significant adjustments need to be made.

What is a building permit number?
This is the number assigned by the registered building surveyor that issues the permit. The number can be found within the building permit document.

What is an easement?
An easement is a piece of land registered on your property title which gives someone the right to use that land for a specific purpose. Permanent structures cannot be built on an easement.

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