First Build

Guide to Building your New Home

A new house can be one of the most important life decisions. Building a home in Melbourne can be a hassle free experience if you consider the following details:

Setting a Budget Stage

Ask yourself ‘what can i afford to build?’ Working out a budge that includes all associated building costs including the land purchase, legal and other professional fees i.e. duties, site works and building. The budget should cosset of post construction costs such as furnishings and landscaping. Once you have worked out the finances then it is best to speak with a reputable builder in regards to the design home you are wanting to build. 

Purchasing the Land Stage

Looking for the right location is important when building a home. Ask yourself what meets your needs, whether it be close to schools, public transport or a quiet neighbourhood. Also check to see the site is linked to utilities such as sewers, water and electricity as connections may be costly. See if there are any land restrictions with the Council, the A1A Homes team are able to assist with any of your land purchasing. 

Preparing to Build a New House Stage

Make sure you have all the building plans ready before deciding to go ahead with a builder. Work with the Builder to understand the design options, including the materials that will be used in building your house. Once the design and plans are ready, the builder will submit planning approval before the construction begins. Make sure you fully understand the inclusion list and what the builder will include until they hand over the keys. It is imperative that you read the contract carefully and that everything is understood before the build commences. There is no cooling off period so it is not possible to change your mind once the contract is signed. Once the contract is signed by both the builder and land owner the construction can commence. 

Construction Stage

In the initial stages of construction, the builder should ensure all approvals have been made accordingly. Neighbours will be notified of construction activities. Meet with the builder with any questions before they commence the build. Once the construction commences, visit the site with permission of the builder if you want to. Ask the builder of the progression stages of the house. Make sure that the specifications are following your approved plans. Overall once it is complete check the materials, fixtures and make sure you are happy with the finished house. If there are any concerns please speak to the builder or supervisor immediately. 

Exciting Move in Stage!

Your New Home is ready for you! The builder will hand the keys to you once the construction has been completed and the site is ready for move in. Once you have moved into your new home feel rest assured that you will have Builders warranty coverage if you there may be any problems down the track. If you would like further information in regards to the new construction of your new home please don’t hesitate to contact the A1A Home Builders team to assist you with your queries. 

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