Welcome to A1A Homes

A1A Homes Group is an emerging building company offering the complete of services for the construction of residential and commercial buildings. A1A Homes is proudly 100% Australian Ownded and Operated. With 20 Years of building industry experience, A1A Homes founders recognised a lack of textural design and transparency in building a brand new home. ” We want to be updated when building a brand new home” and thats what we really strive for with our customers.

Design philosophy 

The A1A homes takes the hard work out of designing you an innovative, comfortable and classic home that meets your every desire and grows with your family very well in to the future. In every design we set out on, we endeavor to create stunning, yet practical home designs where you’d enjoy the love and comfort your home gives. For over 15 years, our company’s strong commitment in designing outstanding homes has been maintained making us unbeatable home developers.   

Structural guarantee.   

At A1A homes our obligation is to offer excellence in design, construction, quality and customer care. This has helped our company celebrate a good history and achievement in building a lot of quality homes. We understand how important it is to meet our client’s highest expectations and we strive to ensure that we achieve all you’ve ever dreamed of.  We are fervent at offering unbeatable quality and superb services, even long after completing the construction of your homes. To ensure our clients are confident of the unrivalled quality of our homes, we offer several years guarantee on every home we build. 

Quality assurance

There’s nothing that keeps you at peace like building with the A1A homes. We have an awesome quality assurance system to ensure that each of our completed homes increases our company’s credibility. The strictness in the process guarantees the super quality and of every home we build. 

Through every step in the building process we conduct quality checks and at completion the craftsmanship in your home becomes obvious. We also guide our clients through every stage from concept, installation and completion. 

Service and warranty

Even long after completing your homes, you still have loads and tones of privileges from our company. Our skilled personnel and warranty team will always be available to address any of your concerns about your new home. You’ll also get advice on how to keep your home dazzling and new. 

With the A1A home protection structural warranty, you are confident that your home is covered structurally after moving into your new home.