We help you design the home you want

Our Commitment to Quality, Value and Integrity is the foundation upon which A1A Homes Group was built, and these three fundamental principles still guide us in caring for our customers, tradesmen, shareholders and the community.  


A1A Homes offers exceptional quality of its building efforts. Not only do they increase the quality building materials while lowering costs to deliver greater value, but they observe internal quality assurance programs and external third-party inspection processes to guarantee the quality of every brand new home built.



A1A Homes aims to deliver unprecedented value through its building industry-leading incentives. The homes are all made to each individuals personal design and this A1A approach gives buyers the new home features and finishes they want at the best possible value. Whether it is a Brand New Homes, a Rebuild Home or multi developments , A1A Homes assure that the homes will be built with love from day one.




A1A Homes is committed to doing the right thing for the exact right reason. We are dedicated to being up to date with the building trends and to continually innovate in the industry, constantly focused on improving the quality of all our homes and approaching each day with the highest level of integrity for our customers and the community.