your old home to brand new

Do you love your neighbourhood and want to stay in your exact location? A knockdown and rebuild may be an absolute great option for you.



Building with A1A Homes means building a home fit for your desired lifestyle, and for over 10 years we have continuously refined our process and expanded our designs. The A1A Team have local market knowledge and are on hand with the whole Knockdown and Rebuild process. 

So you have been living on a great block of land in a rundown or old house within a Perfect Neighbourhood. What better option is to Knock down and Demolish your existing house and then Rebuild a Home to your exact liking? Your Home can be the home of your dreams on your existing Block. So why not knock it down and then Rebuild?

Your perfect piece of land certainly deserves the perfect style home. There is no need to move from the neighbourhood or community you love, just knock down your existing home and build a brand new one. 

The A1A Homes Group can help you with the whole knock down process step by step. You’ll be surprised how affordable and easy it is with the added benefit of not having to move your life. 

Here is the fundamental Knockdown and Rebuild Process.

Selecting Your Home

Once you have decided to knockdown and demolish your home it is time to select the style home design to build that suits your lifestyle. The A1A Homes team has the in-house architects who with assist with the home design phase and will follow the council guidelines with design. From here, the A1A Homes team will undertake a comprehensive assessment of your home site and will advise how to best build the home of your dreams.

Drawings and Contract

The team at A1A Homes will go through the whole drawings and design process with all clients. Once the design of both interior and exteriors are completed the contract is then prepared and your rebuild new home process will begin.

Council Approval

When the contract is finalised all the required paperwork is sent to council for approval. This is also when you will meet with one of our colour consultants to decide on the colour selections, interior design features and finishes throughout your home and put your personal stamp on the final design.

Construction Commence

This stage is the official start of rebuilding your home! Your slab will go down and your new home will begin to take shape. A site manager will keep you informed throughout the whole process, answering any questions you may have along the way.


The moment you’ve been waiting for! Once the Brand New home build is completed we will organise a handover at your home, where we conduct a walk-through inspection with you and then handover the keys. Home Sweet New Home!