1)    Sloping Blocks

Find the perfect sloping block and there are different types of slopes and service procedure vary from slope to slope. Getting the foundations plus site drainage right is crucial, and our expertise will see it is executed properly. There are a range of specialist skills and equipment required to build a house on a slope, and your project is in safe hands with the A1A Homes team. A strong slope down away from the road can work perfectly with a house that has a lower half-storey at the back side. Try to talk with your A1A builder about the design that suits your property.

2)    Design Phase

A1A Builders has complete experience in handling sloping sites. And for that, you should check and ask to see some design houses that were built on the sloped block. At A1A Homes we have experience in building Modern Contemporary Style homes on Steep to minor slopes. Just by keeping this in mind, you have to lean towards a builder who customize designs that work well with uniquely shaped landscapes and the A1A Teams have in-house architects who help the process step by step.

3)    Two types of build – Cut into block or build out of block

There are two distinctive ways that a home can sit on a slope. It can nestle in low against the rock of slope. Or, it can extend out from the land. To keep the home design into the site, the land is cut in to create flat spaces which allow the house to fit. In the second case tall metal or wooden pillars support the building from underneath. Or, a room could dramatically cantilever out from the rest of the home.  Although, a sloped site have challenges it has opportunities too. Through thinking out-of-the-box with the property layout, we can create a home for you and that has charm, style, and essence, unlike any other buildings. After all, it’s all about expressing your desires, become open-minded, and connecting with the builder.

4)    Get the benefits of the slope

The steepest slope is going to need a different building solution to a gentle sloping land.

A split-level home is one where the floor levels are offset from each other. Imagine entering on a level with the main living spaces, then you take a short flight of stairs up to the private bedroom areas. There may also be another level offset below with entertainment or even garage.

You should consider split level project home design or work with the A1A home consultant to make a plan for the custom home by keeping the block in mind. Although, a good design will highlight a block’s potential and make use of space to suit the needs.

5)    Overcome sloping block possible drainage issues

Our design team can handle the work with detailed planning and give you complete output for your sloping block home.

Enjoy your build process no matter what type of land you own, contact us today for any build enquiries 1800 667 517.